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Lux Perpetua
OCID pr00000001
EVENTS attended
Sunrayce 99
USERS project members
Burt, Jon
Selkirk, Alex
west, ed
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Lux Perpetua

Team Lux's second solar car to qualify to race.

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Sunrayce 99 Webcam (1 of 2)
Photo by Dorian West
created 7/2/2002
submitted 4/5/2002 06:08:55 AM
During scruitineering of Sunrayce 99, a webcam was setup to send relatively live images back to the teams' home town fans. Here an unidentified car navigates the figure 8 test.
LM Frame
Photo by David Johnson
created 2/10/2002
submitted 5/10/2002 09:50:44 PM
Aluminum Space Frame for Lux Millennia.
Lux Perpetua Space Frame Isometric View
Photo by ed west
created 3/30/1999
submitted 3/18/2002 12:07:16 PM
This is an almost final rendering of the Lux Perpetua aluminum space frame. We ended up reinforcing the wall between the driver and the battery box (dark green) behind him. We got rid of the batteries under his knees and added boxes to his right and left. We also added a member on both sides from above the rear suspension to above the front suspension for increased rigidity.
Lux Perpetua at Sunrayce 99 Qualifiers
Photo by Alex Selkirk
created 7/16/1999
submitted 5/4/2005 03:13:42 PM
Yale College Solar Racing's Lux Perpetua rounds a bend at Sunrayce 99 qualifiers in West Virginia.
Lux Perpetua at Qualifiers
Photo by ed west
created 6/12/1999
submitted 5/23/2003 08:20:01 AM
Here's my favorite picture of Lux Perpetua. This one was snapped by one of the official Sunrayce photographers. Let the record show that the LP set the hot lap record at SR99. . . averaging over 40 mph on that *very* twisty course. . . :)
Lux Perpetua's Space Frame
Photo by ed west
created 4/5/1999
submitted 5/23/2003 08:31:21 AM
Here's a shot of a pristine and clean spaceframe with a still unpainted bottom shell. This photo was taken at the first unveiling of the car on Beineke Plaza.
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